Are you looking for Premium Shisha Catering?

We offer highly specialized shisha catering. With a customized shisha menu, high-quality shisha equipment, and a vast selection of single and cocktail flavors, our shisha sommeliers are ready to provide the best services to enhance the aura of your event.

Our first-rate catering services ensure that you will have a shisha experience second to none. We create different flavors to meet your specific requirements and serve them at your house, terrace, corporate event, or any other gathering.



Shisha Models

Makloud Shisha

Wookah Shisha

Oduman Shisha

Alpha Hookah

Meduse Shisha

Argument Shisha

Amy Deluxe Shisha

Why Should You Choose Our Catering Service?

Our company aims to provide our customers with solutions and services that exceed their expectations while being within their budget. The satisfaction of our customers and the success of their events are our main objectives. We take pride in being the one-stop solution for our client’s shisha needs. With a team of skilled shisha experts and a dedicated staff, we can turn your vision of a perfect event into a living reality.

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Shisha That Drives Your Business

No investment in equipment

One of the biggest advantages of booking us for your event is the time and money you save on sourcing shisha equipment and tobacco. You can enjoy a seamless shisha experience without any investment.

Hookahs to match your events

We have a variety of equipment with various designs, ranging from antique hookahs to modern gadgets. You can select what type of hookahs would go with the decor of your event.

A heavenly blend of flavors

Every event has a vibe, and it should be accompanied by flavors to enhance that vibe. Our mixologists can create a customized menu of your favorite flavors. We also offer some fusion flavors to give an extra kick to your event.

Experts at Your Service

From knowing all the latest tricks and trends to keeping your party alive, our sommeliers are experts at what they do. We guarantee that our staff can rock your event like nobody’s business.