Combining tradition with Western technology. We at Lidos Shisha are here to provide you with a luxurious shisha experience wherever you want in Dubai. We can help you create the perfect shisha session for your lounges, parties, gatherings, and events.

Our Mission

At Lidos Shisha, we provide exclusive shisha catering, outsourcing, and delivery services all over Dubai. Our flexible working hours enable us to meet your shisha needs. In addition, our sommeliers have all the techniques to create a sensual blend that matches the tastes of our diverse audience.

Our unique mixes, quality shisha equipment, and premium flavors are always appreciated by our clients.

We are here to offer you carefully catered services that can help you enjoy a seamless and memorable shisha experience. Lidos Shisha is an all-in-one spot where you can choose your favorite flavor, order shisha on delivery, arrange an event, or even outsource our services for your hotel.

Our Accomplishments

In the past few years, shisha art has gained a lot more recognition. People have started to realize the simplicity of this culture, and now it has become a staple at most gatherings. As the world was trying to reinvent this tradition, we thought of ways through which our shisha passion would benefit other business owners as well. This was the incentive behind our catering and outsourcing services. It allowed us to expand our knowledge and develop services that could connect us with an audience that shares the same love for shisha.

This has led us to form a strong network of clients, which includes well-known hotels in Dubai such as the Mandarin Oriental, the Grand Hyatt, and even Grosvenor House. We are not only the best outsourcers of shisha in Dubai, but we also take pride in being among the first few shisha catering and delivery providers.

Apart from providing first-class customized services to our clients, we took other initiatives to elevate the shisha experience through innovation. For this purpose, we collaborated with some leading tobacco suppliers, such as Al Fakhar tobacco and hookah manufacturers in Germany. This strategic investment was our way of ensuring a quality experience for our clients.

Customers Feedback

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